Law School Admissions

Our founder is an alumnus of Stanford Law School, where he was awarded Class Honors in Legal Research and Writing.

He believes that most test preparation providers teach the LSAT in a way that lacks rigor and, as a result, robs students of valuable points on their LSAT score.

Compared to undergraduate colleges, law schools expect a dramatically higher caliber of writing on application essays and resumes for admission.

We’ve helped our students earn admission to Yale, Stanford, Harvard, and other top law schools.

Business School Admissions

Soul and depth are missing from too many business school applications. Whether you work in a traditional pre-business school field (e.g., consulting, finance, tech) or something off the beaten path, your best application will communicate your richness as a human being – struggles, motivations, formative influences, etc.

We help you bring that out and articulate it with nuance, substance, and a captivating effect on the reader, while also preparing you for the gauntlet of interviews with each school (including team-based exercises), excelling on the GMAT, and eliciting letters of recommendation that help to build your application’s narrative.

Graduate School Admissions

Your graduate school applications are meant to demonstrate your intellectual prowess in your chosen field of study. While this may sound straightforward, it requires sophistication and substance in execution. To begin with, when crafting each part of your application – your statement of purpose, writing samples, and research proposals – view them as opportunities to articulate a clear, compelling lens through which you view your field. This includes casting significant questions and issues from your field in an intriguing, new light, while being careful not to appear ignorant of the depth and rationales animating current leaders in your field. It calls for providing real insight not just into the areas you know best but, also, into texts and topics that schools understand you’ve had less opportunity to engage.  Finally, it requires speaking in a manner that exhibits your skill discussing complex material in simple, engaging language.

We’ve helped our students earn admission into some of the most selective graduate programs in the world, drawing on our experience as accomplished researchers and writers at elite universities.  We equip our students to excel on the GRE exam, in addition to every other step of the graduate school application process.