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Earning High SAT Scores

What one student needs in order to achieve their best score on the SAT is often quite different from what another student needs. Each student comes to the SAT with different strengths, tendencies, and ways of thinking through problems, developed over years. This is why the approach we use to prepare students for the SAT is highly individualized.

Two students may get the same question wrong for different reasons, and our discussion with them is tailored to their particular reasons. Perhaps one student indulged a bad habit of trying to do math in their head that they should do on paper, while another student didn’t understand one of the math concepts that the problem was testing. Both issues can be solved but only by a highly skilled coach who diagnoses what the issue is and then trains the student accordingly. Our method allows us to pinpoint where a particular student’s approach is sound, where it requires adjustment, and precisely what adjustment is called for.

Students also approach the SAT with unique psychologies. Some students feel nervous when taking the test but feel embarrassed to say so until late in their preparations or even after they have already taken the test – we tease out information like that from them early, so that we can start teaching them ways of thinking about the test that fortify their mindset and embolden them.

We combine extraordinarily individualized attention with a systematic approach. Hence, we help students learn to recognize the many question types that appear on the SAT and we habituate our students to using structured problem-solving techniques. The techniques that we develop in partnership with each student are customized not only to particular types of questions that appear on the SAT but also to the student’s particular strengths, tendencies, and ways of thinking.