College Essays that Stand Out

The Deans of Admissions at top universities read literally thousands of college essays every year. Only a small fraction of the college essays they read are truly unique and captivating. So, what is the key to producing college essays that set a student apart?

Students (and their families) are not expert judges of what will set them apart from thousands of other students: often, aspects of a student’s life which they wouldn’t think to mention make for the most interesting material for a college essay.

We help students to efficiently sift through the entirety of their life for material, identify the most promising parts, elaborate those parts in detail, and make creative linkages between them.

Once we've helped a student amass their most effective material, we help the student sculpt that material into a carefully thought-out and elegantly worded essay in which not a single word is wasted but, rather, every phrase adds a rich sensation, connotation, or idea that draws the reader in deeper and deeper.