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We Prepare Students for Admission to Top Colleges

We Offer Elite Expertise,  Tailored to Each Student

Our founder is an alumnus of Yale University and Stanford Law School. He brings more than 15 years of experience helping students earn admission into top colleges and graduate schools, working one-on-one with students every step of the way.

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What one student needs in order to achieve their best score on the SAT is often quite different from what another student needs.

Each student comes to the SAT with different strengths, tendencies, and ways of thinking through problems, developed over years.

This is why the approach we use to prepare students for the SAT is highly individualized.


The Deans of Admissions at top universities read literally thousands of college essays every year.

Only a small fraction of the essays they read are truly unique and captivating. 

What is the key to producing college essays that set a student apart?

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We guide students and families through every step needed for success, starting as early as Grade 8 and as far along as Grade 12.

In addition to the SAT and College Essays, we provide coaching in other areas that are critical to success, such as Academic Tutoring, Extracurricular Activities, and College Admissions Strategy.

Click here for a detailed list of important items that we help our students with.


We've helped our students earn admission into the most selective Law, Business, and Graduate schools in the world.

We coach our students to earn high test scores (LSAT, GMAT, GRE), craft unique & captivating applications, and excel in one-on-one and group-based admissions interviews. 

Read more about how we help our students to set themselves apart.


We help students earn admission to top universities . . .

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. . . And our impact reaches far beyond admissions

"Honestly - a perfect SAT score - I never would have dreamed it was possible, and I can't even tell you how amazing it is for my daughter's mindset.
She is in a different place right now and convinced she can do anything.  I actually got to watch my daughter go from nervous, tentative, and unsure of herself to tremendously self-confident. 
We are so thrilled. You are by far the best. I am so grateful that G introduced me to you."
- Sara C., Parent